Wildlife Coloring Book

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This year Creative Babes partnered with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to create the Wildlife Coloring Book! Each of the 56 pages includes original art created by more than 30 women, featuring illustrations, games, creative prompts and a wide range of activities that are perfect for children of all ages. 

For every book sold, local children receiving services from Nationwide Children's Hospital, Community Refugee and Immigration Services (CRIS) and other organizations will receive an activity pack that includes the Wildlife Coloring Book, a tote bag, crayons and colorful tape. All of this is made possible through the generous support of Sam's Fans, a nonprofit organization that raises money for art and music therapy that serves seriously ill patients and their families. 

  • Cover illustration by Julie Martin for Creative Babes
  • 56 pages of original art by more than 30 Creative Babes
  • 1 book sold = 1 activity pack donated!
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